Snake Safety Meetings(Adult Groups)

According to the CDC, "It is important for employers to train their workers about their risk of exposure to venomous snakes, how they can prevent and protect themselves from snake bites, and what they should do if they are bitten."

Are you looking for new safety meeting ideas? Tired of the boring safety meeting where the speaker "ums" and "ahs" and talks monotone? If so, contact Michelle at 713-934-7668 or email to set up a time for Clint the Snake Man to come educate and entertain at your upcoming safety meeting.

A typical meeting runs one hour. Our goal is to fit your needs, so ask about our different talks:

20 minute (includes ID and bite safety)
30 minute (includes ID and bite safety)
45 minute (includes mimics, ID and bite safety)
1 hour (includes ID, mimics, bite safety common snakes in your area)
1.5 hours (includes arachnids)
2 hours (includes arachnids and insects)
3 hours (includes arachnids, insects and field identification)

Snake Safety
Snake Safety means awareness of your surroundings, how to spot a snake and what to do when you see a snake.

  • A day without an incident is no accident.
  • Clint the SnakeMan will show your group how to handle a snake and remove it safely.
  • Know the venomous snakes that live where you live and where you travel
  • Know how to tell the difference between venomous and nonvenomous
  • Know how to make a snake move without getting near it
  • Know how to treat a snake bite prior to reaching the hospital


"On behalf of the Global Chemical Research, Advanced Characterization Department here in Baytown, we would like to thank you for your excellent and informative presentation on Texas Snakes.

We applaud you for your professionalism and the amount of information imparted to our group. Time limitations did not allow us much in the way of Questions and Answers, but we are assured of now having a well informed source for our questions.

Thank you again and hope to see you again." -Alistair Westwood, Manager, Global Advanced Characterization Department, ExxonMobil

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Cost base:

  • Distance from Houston

  • Specialized Materials

  • Length of program
  • Number in audience

  • Number of posters/guides ordered

Texas Snakes & More
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With a scheduled presentation, Texas Snakes & More will provide one complimentary 11 X 17 poster showing the venomous snakes of Southeast Texas for your worksite/organization area (more available at a discounted rate). See our products page to order additional posters.



Clint Pustejovsky's snake handling training began at age 11. Clint continues his own education on reptile taxonomy (the identification of animals) and advancements in snake venoms for medical research.   He enjoys public speaking and teaching about Texas snakes and other wildlife. Clint has delivered presentations to Boy Scouts of America troops, churches, businesses and colleges.  

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Mr. Clint and/or his snakes are also available for TV commercials, photo shoots for magazines/books, and films. Contact us for more info!