Field Exploration


Field Exploration

It's been called snake hunting, herping, field research and more. Whatever you call it, I love spotting snakes in the wild, taking them off the road to save their lives, catching them and learning their behaviors, temperaments and coloration. Herping is excitement and wildlife exposure all wrapped up in one life learning adventure.

Where do snakes hang out when they are deep in the woods, open fields and on mountainsides? After years of experience, I have discovered where to look for snakes. You can look for a specific species and find 10 different ones than the one you are looking for in Texas - life can't get much better than that!

Texas has some really nice species found throughout the state - the
speckled kingsnake can be found in this site's logo and throughout most of
northeast and southeast Texas. The kingsnake received its name due to the fact that it can kill and even eat a western diamondback rattlesnake. Not bad for a non-venomous, pretty snake to kill the one snake responsible for the majority of dangerous bites in Texas.

Scheduled Expeditions for Harris and Surrounding Counties

Would you like to learn firsthand how to recognize, locate, catch and handle
snakes in the wild? Also learn how to recognize and avoid poison ivy, wasps, scorpions and other unfriendly encounters.

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