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Is the Only Good Snake a Dead Snake?

Absolutely NOT!

Snakes are animals like any other animal - bird, cat, dog, etc. Most people, however, do not see snakes this way. They see snakes as a creature that deserves to be killed. Many people have an unfounded fear of snakes, due to myths and other untruths that are prevalent in our society.

Why are Snakes on My Property?

Snakes do not come onto your property to hurt you or your family. Snakes are in search of:

  • A place to hide
  • A place to build a nest
  • A place to live
  • Food
  • A mate

What Should I Do if I See a Snake?

Leave the snake alone. The snake is much more afraid of you than you are of it (in most cases). The snake will go away if left alone. In fact, most people are bitten by snakes when they try to kill it or get a better look at it. If you continue seeing snakes on your property, call 713-253-3787 for snake removal.

What are the Benefits of Snakes?

Snakes eat rodents (mice, rats, etc.) and insects, which can carry harmful diseases that can cause illness, or, in some cases, death.

Aren't all Snakes Poisonous?

No. In the United States, we have only 4 species of venomous snakes (copperhead, cottonmouth, rattlesnake, and coral snake), all of which are found in Texas. In Texas, there are over 100 species of non-venomous snakes.

Will I Die if I am Bitten by a Snake?

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife, you are four times more likely to be killed by lightning than a snakebite. We have an average of two to three deaths per year from snakebites, compared with five to seven from insect bites and eight from lightning.

What about Snakes and Salmonella?

Read this article that discusses the facts of salmonella and snakes.

For an interesting article about insect bites, see

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