Snake Education Kit

Kit includes:

  • Venomous Snake Skeleton in Enclosed Case (actual skeleton)
  • Rattlesnake Fang in Magnifying Box (actual fang)
  • Shed Skin with eye caps/brill
    (actual shed from a live snake)
  • "Snakes and How They Live"
    12 minute VHS video
  • 24" x 36" "Snakes of the World"
    Laminated Poster
  • 4 page guide containing
    Snake Anatomy/Physiology Information, Fun Snake
    Facts and Suggested Lesson Plans

Great for classrooms, private schools, homeschools, science centers, libraries, and for that snake enthusiast child's bedroom!

Cost: $99
Phone orders call 713-934-7668
or fax a Purchase Order to 713-690-6250.

Note: Please let us know by what date you need the products so we can ensure timely delivery.
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Order Items Separately:
Venomous Snake Skeleton $45


Snake Video $39


Snakes of the World Poster $10


Snakes are found in all types of climates and environments. This film uses close-up photography, graphics, and animation to show the physical characteristics of different species of snakes. The reptiles are followed moving on the ground and in water, shedding their outer skin, eating their prey, and hibernating. A variety of harmless and poisonous snakes are shown.

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Snake Education Kit

Snake Education Kit

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