"Virtual" Snake Consulting!

Over the years, Clint has done hundreds of yard/property/home evaluations and investigations, where he goes over property with a fine tooth comb. Now, even if you aren't in the Houston area, you can benefit from his years of experience!

Snake proofing your home, garage and personal property, and business, includes identifying snake activities, habitat and potential hiding places. As new housing developments come up around established neighborhoods, snakes move to where they feel safe -- under decks, houses, playgrounds, and in landscaped grasses and flower beds.Clint will tell you specifically how to snake proof your individual situation.

To obtain a written snake proof consultation, send pictures of your property to He needs pictures of the landscaping, the side of the house/structure, areas around the air conditioning unit, electrical box, and any other places where you have seen snakes or snake evidence (skins, feces, etc). When taking pictures, take the big picture and then aim the camera at ground level pointing at suspected areas.

The consultation is $150 and will also include a 30 minute phone call to go over your snake situation and the written evaluation. To pay over the phone with a credit card, call 713-934-7668. Also indicate in your email whether you have paid via paypal or are calling for payment.


Contact Clint Pustejovsky at 713-934-7668 or
for more information!