Capture & Removal

Snakes are instinctive animals and certainly do not want to be around people, but someone forgot to tell their prey, which ends up in all kinds of places. Most snakes eat small rodents (mice, rats and squirrels), other snakes, lizards and amphibians (toads, frogs and salamanders). The prey tends to show up around houses, garages, commercial buildings, golf courses, etc. Snakes go where they can find food, so we go and rescue the owner and snake and release the snake in low inhabitant forests, farmlands and water sources.

The species of snake, distance to drive, location of snake (attic, inside walls under decks, you get the idea) determines cost for removal. Always call 713-934-7668 for more information and a quote, or for an emergency, call 713-253-3787. If you are seeing the snake right now, do not get near it, but keep your eyes on it (or where it goes), so Mr. Clint "the snake man" can have greater success in finding the animal.

Our goal is to protect your family and, of course, the snake.

Call 713-934-7668 or
the Emergency Number at 713-253-3787

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