Snake Birthday Party Invitations - Generic
If you can't have Mr. Clint at your party, get some CUSTOMIZABLE
reptile invitations anyway!

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New! Add your child's picture to the invitation for $15 more!*

Invitation Designs Copyright (C) Texas Snakes & More 2004-2007

*Example of invitation inside*

Order special invitations for your child's wildlife party! We will add your child's name to the invitation cover, and all the party information to the inside. Cover text is customizable as well! We will ship your invitations to you by Priority Mail so you will have them in plenty of time!

Costs: only $1.00 each!! Card size is 6 1/4 x 9 1/4, folding top to bottom.

Order now! Please add your party information in the "Notes" section. Include child's name and age, date and time of party, party location address, and RSVP information. If you want the cover to say something different, add that also.

Note: Contact us for information about international shipping!

Invitation Style
Invitation Picture
*Select "Custom Picture as the invitation style when choosing this option. Email your picture to and reference your paypal order. *Select "Custom Picture as the invitation style when choosing this option. For best results, send a picture whose background does not have the same or similar colors to the child's clothing or hair. Example: Take a picture of your child wearing a solid color shirt against a white wall.

*Note: Additional charges may apply to take backgrounds and objects out of picture.

Contact Clint Pustejovsky at 713-934-7668 or
for more information!