Snake Summer Camp 2023!

Summer Program Directors:

Are you looking for something new and exciting while planning your summer camp program? Look no further! Have Mr. Clint "the Snake Man" come to your camp! Our fun, interactive and educational program allows children to sit back, shed those snake fears and sink their fangs into some exciting fun! Children will learn about snake benefits, myths and dangers. We'll go over snake safety and how snakes benefit the environment. There will be lots of cool picture opportunities also, so have lots of film and batteries for the cameras!!

Note: Texas Snakes and More is insured. You have the benefit of Mr. Clint's 25+years of experience with snakes.

Summer Program Snake Show includes:

  • 7 different snakes of all sizes, colors, and interesting patterns!
  • Snake Skins
  • Snake Skeletons
  • Snake Fangs

We have different options to choose from for your program (Greater Houston area only - contact us for travel rates):

1 Hour Program $250
1 show with up to 40 children

2 Hour Program $400
2 shows with up to 40 children per show

Half-Day Program $500
3 hours - up to 3 shows with up to 40 children per show

Half Day Camp $525
We can do a 3-hour program with one group of children that includes more detail, making a snake craft, taking a nature walk, etc. Note: The half day program works best with no more than 15 children due to its interactive nature.

Full Day Program $750
6 hours (lunch break in between morning and afternoon) - up to 6 shows with up to 40 children per show

Also ask us about customized programs (longer, shorter, larger group sizes, pricing structures per child, etc.). We have special programs and rates for libraries also!

Contact Clint Pustejovsky at 713-934-7668
for more information!


--Clint Pustejovsky (

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